Ministry Team At St Mark's Church

Vicar: Reverend Martin Colton

Tel: 01737 241161

Martin is the vicar at St Mark's.  Having been a professional musician and a teacher, he is especially interested in working with young people and developing our music and worship.  He is also the first point of contact for many people and visits people in their homes and in the various care homes of the parish.  "Being the vicar at St Mark's means that I have the privilege of meeting and caring for so many people at all stages of their lives."


Ian Archer         Lay Reader                 

Ian takes home communions in many of the local retirement and nursing homes and has strong links with the local Sea Cadet unit, having been their chaplain for many years. Together with wife Jenny, their home is open to many different groups in the community.


Sarah Cousins    Lay Reader

Sarah jointly runs the monthly retirement social group St Mark’s Afternoon retirement Team (SMART) and is keen on sharing Celtic spirituality. Sarah is also interested in enabling newer members of the church to develop their faith in an ongoing exploration of prayer and meditation.


Susannah Dyde  Lay Reader

Susannah has, for many years, headed up the Junior Church and  runs the Chums Youth group whilst exploring her new role as a Reader. When not teaching the harp or singing, she cycles with her husband Keith and is one of the team that manages the building project for Sarah Junior School in Kibera, a slum district in Nairobi.


The ministry team at St Mark’s meets about once a month to discuss services, any special events and pastoral matters.