Churchwardens & Parochial Church Council


St Mark’s has two Churchwardens who are elected to represent the lay members and work closely with the vicar. The Churchwardens are legally responsible for the church buildings and possessions.  At St Mark’s, Churchwardens generally stay in post for 3 years and are elected by those on the church electoral roll, at the Annual Parochial Committee Meeting, held in April every year. 

In order to spread the Churchwardens' workload, St Mark’s has up to 4 Deputy Wardens, who are also elected by the church members. 

Our Churchwardens are:

Louise Wallis

Ben Read

Our deputy wardens are:

Jane Artis

Christine Ingram







The Parochial Church Council 

The Parochial Church Council , or PCC , consists of the church’s ministry team, the Churchwardens and their deputies, those church members who are elected to attend the Deanery Synod, and a number of elected lay members.  The PCC’s role is to work with the vicar in promoting all aspects of the church’s mission in the parish.  It meets approximately six times a year to monitor and discuss matters concerning the church and to take decisions where appropriate.

Our PCC members are:

The Vicar: Revd Martin Colton (PCC Chairman)

The Assistant Curate: Revd Reginald Grant

The Readers: Ian Archer, Sarah Cousins and Susannah Dyde

The Churchwardens: Louise Wallis and Ben Read

The Deputy Wardens: Jane Artis and Christine Ingram

The Deanery Synod Representatives: Patricia Bird, Anne Cotterell and Sarah Cousins

The Elected Members: Terrence Hancock (Secretary), Brian Rowbotham (Treasurer), Paul Selvadurai, Ruth Simmons, Malcolm Toye


Minutes are available in draft form at the back of church as soon as possible after each PCC meeting. Please see our calendar for dates of PCC meetings throughout the year.