Contact Details

St Mark’s Parish Church,
Alma Road,

The church is normally open from around 8.30am until dusk each day, although this varies on Sunday when early and late services are held. The exact hours may vary, so please check if you are unsure.

Those listed below can be contacted via the Parish Office - the core office hours are:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 1pm

Office Telephone 01737 210785 (there is an answer machine which is checked periodically outside of the core office hours) 

Email: (this is monitored outside of the core office hours)

Note: we are now able to accept payments using credit and debit card.

Church Matters:

Reverend Martin Colton - Vicar - Email:


Mr Ken Packer

Mr Paul Selvadurai

Parochial Church Council:

Treasurer: Mr Brian Rowbotham 

Secretary: Mr Terrence Hancock

Organist & Choirmaster:

Mr Terrence Hancock 

Choir Practice – Thursday at 7pm

Youth Co-ordinator & Chums Youth Group:

Mrs Susannah Dyde 

Junior Church Contact:

Mrs Leonora Corden 

Church Hall Bookings:

Mrs Jean Hatton – 01737 765759


Groups & Clubs:

SMART (St Mark's Afternoon Retirement Team)

Mrs Louise Wallis and Mrs Sarah Cousins

SMOAT (St Mark’s Overseas Aid Trust):

Mr Harry Ingram 

Mrs Barbara Perkins

St Mark’s Church Flower Rota:

Mrs Valerie Jones 

St Mark’s Community Lunch:

Mrs Angela Daniels 

Mrs Alison Stagg 

St Mark’s Parish Magazine:

Advertising: Mrs Jane Artis 


Coordination: Mr Malcolm Toye 

Distribution: Mrs Jenny Toye