If you have any concerns regarding the safety and well being of the church and its members, please contact one of our safeguarding officers or the Parish Office.

Details of our safeguarding policies and contacts can be found on the noticeboard in the church foyer.

The people working in St Mark’s Church have always striven to nurture and care for those living, working and worshipping in the parish and, since 1997, the Parochial Church Council of St Mark’s Church has adopted and followed a number of specific policies designed to protect all the children and vulnerable adults with whom the church has contact.

There have been many changes to these policies and their application over the years but the most significant changes occurred in 2002, when the Criminal Records Bureau was created, and in 2009, when the Diocese of Southwark published standardised safeguarding policies in a document entitled, “A Safe Church.”  “A Safe Church” superseded all previous policies and the document or portions of it can be either viewed or downloaded to a computer from the diocesan website at  A printed copy of “A Safe Church” is kept on permanent public display at the back of the church.

To ensure that the parish complies with the safeguarding policies, procedures and guidelines in “A Safe Church,” the Parochial Church Council appointed two Parish Safeguarding Officers who have processed around 300 confidential self-declarations and applications to the Criminal Records Bureau (now known as the Disclosure and Barring Service) since May 1999.  In addition to registering formally all volunteers who work with children and vulnerable adults in the church and monitoring the application of safeguarding policies, the Parish Safeguarding Officers also ensure that everyone who works either directly or indirectly with children and vulnerable adults in St Mark’s Church is aware of and attends the diocesan training courses that are appropriate to their roles.

All parishioners are encouraged to

  • familiarise themselves with the safeguarding policies, procedures and guidelines adopted and followed by St Mark’s Church.
  • use all the information about safeguarding available in the church, the parish magazine and on the Church Centre notice board.
  • contact the Parish Safeguarding Officers should anything of concern arise in relation to the safety of children and vulnerable adults.


Rosemary Absalom and Kate Lovegrove